The Knut Hansen barrel is coming home

The AVONTUUR, symbol of clean sea transport, covered 15,500 nautical miles in 9 months.

On 6.7.2019 the sailing vessel returns home and is unloaded in the port of Hamburg. The AVONTUUR is loaded with mainly ecologically produced and fairly traded goods right up to the top of the hatch. The load is traditionally deleted by hand.

On board is also our KNUT HANSEN GIN in the old cognac barre. In July we will bottle and prepare this special edition, so that the AVONUTUUR EDITION by KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN will be available from August.

A barrel on the high seas

The sailor Knut Hansen was an adventurer, who wasn’t afraid to discover new sea routes.

And exactly in this spirit an idea was born in summer 2018, which could have been from Knut Hansen himself…
We had just put our KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN into an old cognac barrel when we met the guys from Timbercoast. Timbercoast is a group of committed people who fight for environmental protection of the ocean. The project is financed by the transport and trade of high quality products with eco-friendly sailing ships.
And we instantly knew: Our KNUT HANSEN barrel just had to be a “passenger” on the next trip! On the 9th of October 2018 it was time (finally!): The KNUT HANSEN cognac barrel left for 9 months on the high seas.

A sailed gin

The adventures our barrel will experience on high seas will be reflected in the unique taste of our special edition.

Our barrel will cross the North Atlantic twice on its way to Canada and back. Wind and waves will give our KNUT HANSEN GIN a shake in the cognac barrel and it will cross several climatic zones. No question: This voyage will leave its mark on the taste of our gin…
By the way: „Avontuur“ is the Dutch word for adventure and also the eponym of Timbercoast’s two-masted cargo sailing ship that took our cognac barrel on board for 9 months. Can that be a coincident?

Why do we ship our KNUT HANSEN BARREL around the world for 9 month?

You’ll get the answer in this interview with Cornelius Bockermann, founder and captain of the AVONTUUR.

Are you interested?